Welcome to Christ Presbyterian Church!

We are a hope-filled community of people who have found their true home in the grace of  Jesus Christ. We come from many different cultures and experiences, but we are United by Christ’s Love through the power of the Holy Spirit to be a family of faith, seeking to love one another and our neighbors every day of our lives.

We know we are not perfect, but we belong to God and to one another, and that is enough to make us bold. As we worship and study the sacred Scriptures together, we Grow deeper in our trust for the good, merciful and faithful God who makes the impossible possible. God is on a mission to transform our broken world, and it is our joy to be a part of it! So following the example of Jesus, who came not be served but to Serve, we offer our time, talents, and treasure to work for peace, justice, and healing in our local community and beyond.

If you are looking for a community that will laugh with you, cry with you, pray with you, ask hard questions with you, we are here! If you are curious about what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ, let us be your companions on the journey! If you have a deep longing to see the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven, work with us! No matter who you are and where you come from, there is room for you among us. Join us for worship at 9:30 am on Sundays or contact us with any questions your may have. We will be delighted to hear from you!

Until we meet, Pastor Lisa and the members and friends of Christ Presbyterian Church.

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Join us for worship this Seventh Sunday of Easter! Today we remember the ascension and God's promise of eternal life. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here is the bulletin for our service tomorrow. If you'd like the full version with the hymn text, just message us here on this page and we'll email it to you. Hope to see you right here on Facebook at 9:30am! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear friends and members of Christ Presbyterian Church,
Peace be with you!

Many of you have been reaching out to ask about the church’s plans for continuing church life once the State lifts the current Shelter-in-Place order and moves our region to Phase 3 of the Restore IL plan.

After much deliberation at multiple Session meetings and with particular work done by the Worship Team, the Session approved the following provisions for moving forward.

I Worship:

We will begin live streaming from the Sanctuary with the following measures taken:

o A livestreaming-team of 5-6 people will be assembled, including (1) Pastor, (2) Pianist, (3) A/V person for sound, (4) Recording person to handle the camera, (5) one or two people to do readings/time with the children/lead hymns. Precise composition will be determined by Pastor Lisa, the Worship Team, and availability of volunteers for service.

o The livestreaming team will observe social distancing (6 feet apart or more at all times), wear masks, and keep other protective measures such as sanitizing hands and not touching common surfaces. We recognize there are many details to consider for each worship gathering and the livestreaming team will make provisions for the safest environment possible.

o Members of the livestreaming team will remain the same for one month, to minimize the risk of contact across households.

o Members of the livestreaming team will also be diligent in monitoring their own health. Should they discover any suspicious symptoms (such as a high temperature, coughing, or difficulty breathing) they shall inform the rest of the team about their situation and not serve, even if this is discovered the day of a recording. Back-ups will be arranged so we can continue with service should a member of the livestreaming team fall ill.

o Only one designated member of the livestreaming team will sing in the Sanctuary to provide leadership for the hymns. This person will sing with a mask, softly into a microphone, to avoid the dispersion of particles across the room that is common when groups sing together. The rest of the team will sing within their hearts.

o No other group will use the Sanctuary for now. Our nested congregation has already communicated their intention to continue meeting virtually until late June/early July, despite loosening restrictions by the State. We respect their decision and give thanks for the safety it affords both our congregations at this time.

II Other Group meetings:

Session continues to encourage church groups to meet virtually rather than in person as we begin our time under Phase 3. While the State allows gatherings of up to 10 people, we want to be mindful of the amount of people that can rotate through the facilities if all groups within our congregation plus groups with use agreements were to start to circulate immediately. We currently do not have the capacity to professionally sanitize all surfaces used after each meeting of different groups, which would be ideal given the situation.

The Session continues to discuss additional protections to put in place, especially as we move closer to Phase 4. For the time being, Bible Study will continue through Zoom, Deacons will continue their work of delivering food assistance as needed rather than operating a stationary food pantry from the building; all other activities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Deliberations will continue as we move through Phase 3. Session has given permission to one recovery group to meet outside the building, while observing social distancing, given extraordinary circumstances for the served population. Other requests to resume meetings are being considered on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to certain additional requirements.

We know that these decisions do not answer all of your questions, but we hope they provide a good starting point for any other inquiries. Remember that our Christian life continues, even under strange formats and physical limitations! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me (or the Session as a whole) with any other inquiries or requests. More information about further decisions will be communicated as it is decided.

May the God of peace and grace and life keep you healthy in body, mind and soul.

-Pastor Lisa
On Behalf of the Session of Christ Presbyterian Church
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A guided meditation on Psalm 139:1-18, 23-24. Today we are listening to what the Lord has to say to us through these words of Scripture. Join us! ... See MoreSee Less

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Join us for worship this Sixth Sunday in Easter! Today we are learning a little more about calling and how God tends to work with us! Join us!

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Here is the bulletin for our church service tomorrow at 9:30am. See you then! ... See MoreSee Less

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